Hi there ladies! Everything will be OK you hear me?

Hearing words of encouragement can do wonders to our psyche and general quality of life. Today’s post is just about that! We all know what it’s like to feel down in the dumps and sometimes even lose the zeal to try and pick yourself up, you know… and to be honest, we as women have the right to feel that way from time to time. It’s not all fun and games being a woman.

BUT!!! We also have to devise methods of snapping out of our moods and moments of feeling sorry for ourselves! Having a great support system is the best and consistent way to always feel uplifted in times of distress. This can come from close family members, friends, or even your partner.

However, it’s no secret that we all don’t get the support we would expect to get from our closest friends and even family sometimes, either because they are carried away with their own dramas of life or plainly and quite simply, they just don’t care about you like that (lol!). So…. What you need to do is equip yourself with the strength to face all the challenges life can throw at you all by yourself!

Money problems?! Get proactive about your dreams. You don’t need to set yourself targets that are so hard to reach that you get disappointed half way through and give up. What you need to be doing is spending at least 1 hour out of your day to read about the career or business you see yourself doing and just make notes, visualize yourself in that job or at your desk as a C.E.O and more importantly give yourself one goal a week towards attaining that dream. The fact that you are getting proactive about it will automatically lift your mood and the universe and God will draw your dreams closer to reality faster than you probably envisaged. TRUST ME!

Stress at work? Oh Gosh! Don’t get me started with that. You are basically a part of a community that is not your family but you spend the better half of your entire day with them. You have to quickly learn that you CAN detach from the ‘’trauma’’ in the office. Instead of going straight home and venting to your partner or family members for hours on end about what happened that day, take a nice long bath or shower, have a short nap and try and get some exercise in! Exercise uplifts your soul SERIOUSLY! You will get a boost of all the hormones that are responsible for making you feel good and positive about life! You don’t have to train as hard as an Olympic champion to begin with. You can start small. Maybe try 20 minutes every 3 days (recommended exercise to stay healthy according to the WHO is 30 minutes at least three times a week). So try as hard as you can to incorporate that into your week. You don’t have to join a gym either. You can take advantage of nature by walking along a nice path on a safe street or buy a small stepping machine, treadmill or bike that is for home exercise so nothing too expensive or hi-tech.

ZEN! This word to me is all about peace and your own little bubble of life. If you don’t know how to find your Zen you are missing out on the chance at having a completely stress free life! To create your Zen you actually have to spend a bit of time in your own thoughts and in your own mind. Not thinking about problems but thinking about SOLUTIONS to your problems. You could also try to recall a time in your life where everything wasn’t perfect (there is no one on earth with a perfect life) but you were content and happy. Think about what the core of your happiness was at this time and try to recreate that even if things are very different now. Don’t focus on material things because these will fade away so fast but your internal happiness will stay with your soul even after you are long gone from the earth!

I could go on forever about ways of feeling good but the key take home message here is that the strength to do whatever you want is within you! You just need to break patterns of negativity around you… whether this means staying away from that Debbie downer friend or relative, only YOU can make yourself happy.


From Trim & Prissy with love!