Our Story

Our founder, Mrs.Fatima is a graduate of life sciences (BSc Medical Physiology) with a Postgraduate qualification in International Public Health Nutrition from the University of Westminster, London, UK. Always drawn to the creative side of life, in 2012 she attended a Diploma course at the prestigious London School of Beauty and Makeup, London, UK.  Applying her science knowledge to the creation of the Trim & Prissy brand, she ensures that only the highest standard and quality of ingredients are used in the makeup and skin care formulations, which Trim & Prissy prides itself on.

Skin care

We specialize in the use of carefully selected, luxurious botanical ingredients in streamlining your skincare regimen to hone in on the essentials your skin requires to achieve dazzling results which will last a lifetime with continued use of our range.

Trim & Prissy skin care is suitable for ladies of all skin types who are on diverse skin care journeys but with one similar end goal:  to enhance the quality and appearance of their skin for the rest of their lifetime! The range is luxuriously formulated using the best active botanical ingredients aimed at protecting, hydrating, and rejuvenating skin; beneficial for acne prone skin.

Some stand-out ingredients include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamins C, E, and A, seaweed, sugar cane, red clover, chamomile, Japanese green tea, pure arctic mineral mud, aloe vera, cucumber, and jojoba oil. A real treat for your skin!


The Trim & Prissy woman opts for natural looking makeup over the artificial makeup look publicized in our era. Our client base is women in the workforce, who socialize and love to stand out from the crowd!

Our formulation of highly pigmented, triple-milled powders over a wide selection of bold and powerful colors are surely what our understated client needs to take her natural beauty from a day to night look almost instantly.

Our products are manufactured at the highest standards, free of parabens, phalates, and containing only the best quality of ingredients. Furthermore, we ensure our products are not tested on animals, are allergy tested, hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic (do not block pores).

Whether you’re enhancing your natural beauty with our makeup products or opting to revive your skin care regimen using our skincare range, we guarantee the quality of your skin will attain greater heights!