Happy new month ladies! Here are some tips on selecting a suitable shade for your specific blushing needs ;). Grab a tea, coffee or covfefe (old joke now, but hey!..).

The first blush shade we need to talk about is pink! It’s the colour that is most debated when it comes to suitability across all skin tones, dark to light. Here’s why…. If you match the shade of your inner lip to your blush, this would usually tell you what colour range would suit you. So for a very pale skin person, your inner lip would be more pinkish, so no problem there using a bright pink blush.

When it comes to darker skin tones the inner lip tends to be a darker shade, more mauvish I’d say, so a pink blush might not work…. BUT! With Trim & Prissy ‘Naturally you’ shade of blush, the formula is very translucent to demystify the pink on dark skin myth! Try one today. So basically with this shade every skin tone can blush in pink! It comes up very lightweight and all you have to do is just keep layering with your brush to get as much or as little pink pigment as you’d wish on your cheeks! It’s universal pink!

Aside from the ‘Naturally you’ universal pink shade, a general rule of thumb when choosing a blush shade for dark skin is it’s important to stay within warm blush shades when you’re working with dark skin because if you go too cool it’s going to look ashy (the dreaded look we all despise lol!).

Tip to remember:- A bright blush on dark skin actually ends up looking surprisingly neutral.

Here are some other shades in the Trim & Prissy blush range that would work great on dark skin:

1. ‘Saffron’- is a warmed pink, with a slight golden sheen. This is a great shade for dark skin tones. This shade is soft, flirty and fresh, and allows you to go bolder with the rest of your makeup.

2. ‘Blood orange’- Bold and vivid orange shade. Dark skin can take very pigmented blush shades. So the trick is to choose bold (yes! The brighter, the better) highly pigmented shades so it shows up on your skin to compliment it rather than look muddy or not even show up at all.

3. ‘Yolo’- Saturated tangerine orange shade. We know how intimidating this fiery orange blush looks in the package, but trust and believe that on dark skin, you get a true flush for your skin tone. It shows up in subtle and pretty manner.

For fair and medium skin tones here are our picks for you!:-

1. ‘Skimpy’- Is a neon coral pink which gives very delicate natural but vibrant flush, and is very flattering on medium skin.

2. ‘Saffron’- This golden warmed pink shade looks rich and gives depth to medium and fairer skin tones. This shade can also double as a contouring shade for fair skin.

Last tip in this blush post is don’t forget our formulas of triple milled powders across our eye shadow, and blush means not only do you need just a dab for the colour to show up, but also if you don’t find a shade of blush you love you can get an eye shadow shade that can double as a blush! There’s no rule that says eye shadow must stay on the eyes only and blush on the cheeks only! Feel free to mix and match! For example ‘Quirky’ eye shadow is a peachy salmon shade that can be used as a blush. Peach is actually the most universally flattering shade. Anyone can put on peach blush and look fantastic across multiple skin tones! Finally, our Mineral icing sugar shades in ‘Princess’ and ‘Skinny dip’ can also double as shimmery translucent blush shades. So have fun breaking the rules!

Shop with the links below. Grab a pointed face brush as your blush-applying tool while you are at it!

Pointed face brush


Eye shadow

Mineral icing sugar

The Trim & Prissy team!