We just love when our glow can be detected from a mile away. Or better still from outer space! Our Mineral icing sugar highlighters are different to other highlighters in terms of giving you the freedom to layer as much of it on as you’d like. Our mineral powder formula of highlighter is much smoother and velvety when applied to the skin so you get your desired glow more easily than you would with a compact highlighter. The formula also has a nice sheer finish to it and is NOT super sparkly or glittery (tacky central!).

So when picking a shade of highlighter for your skin tone consider these:

  1. If you have pale to medium skin opt for a highlighter with a pearlescent, champagne sheen. Go for ‘Layer cake’ or ‘Skinny dip’. Going with a darker shade can make it appear more fake-ish rather than glow-ish.
  2. A rich mineral icing sugar in a rose gold shade such as ‘Princess’ will work on darker complexions.
  3. Try mixing it in with your foundation to give you an all-over glow that’s totally natural and totally stunning. All you have to do is blend it into your foundation, pre-application. Doing this will give your face a natural, subtle radiance letting you live life on the ‘dewy-glow side’. Use equal parts highlighter and liquid foundation onto the back of your hand. Blend it all in with a foundation brush or damp cosmetic sponge or blender.
  4. You are better off applying in small quantities using an eye shadow brush and foundation brush than using a big brush, risking looking like a disco ball! So, use an eye shadow brush or foundation brush to control the amount of icing sugar. Use it down the centre of your nose, above your lip (on your cupid’s bow), and above your cheekbones.

Hope you find these tips helpful when shopping for highlighters. Use the links below to shop for products in this post. We will also be at the Lagos Makeup fair on the 17th June so we hope to see you there!


Blending foam sponge

Eye shadow brush

Foundation brush


Till next time ladies,

The Trim & Prissy team!