Hi ladies,

Today’s post is about the most important feature on your face, brows! We’ve all had the experience of our early teens and tweezers right? Lol! Or if not that, then the brow threading lady who takes out all her fury on your brows, leaving them too thin and changing the whole look of your face! Or sometimes you’re just born with very sparse brows…

Well, here are some tips on how to reverse this, using makeup! You don’t have to get a micro-blading or brow tattoo session done to have perfect brows. In my opinion it’s too expensive and the results kind of restrict you to one type of brow shape for the rest of your life.


1.To reduce the over arching look caused by over plucked eyebrows, start by creating a new base using your normal foundation. Our foundations also reduce puffiness so get it on your whole eye socket area which may be slightly swollen and bruised after all that plucking!
2.Base done, now take your translucent powder and apply over your whole eye area to set your foundation.
3.Using your sharpened brow pencil (we have a universally flattering shade called “brunette”). Start from the brow area closest to your nose and make small upwards strokes. Do this keeping in mind the thickness you previously had as a guide to how long the strokes should be. Work your way to the arch and end of your brows. NEVER draw on a continuous line when filling in your brows
4.Now pick a suitable brow shade in the form of “savanna” eyeshadow or the brow shadow included in your “brow wow” pallet and using the flat end of your multitask brush start to fill in over your pencil strokes. This will give your brows a more natural, organic appearance
5.Conceal around your filled in brows using the opposite side of your multitask brush and our matte cream concealer

Viola….. brows restored!

Shop the items below to rescue your brows for a fraction of the cost of permanent or semi-permanent makeup.

Lots of love,

The Trim & Prissy team


Translucent powder 

Brow pallet
Multitask brush
Brow pencil
Flawless finish foundation

Hi-def foundation