The one star product loved by celebrities for its lightweight yet full coverage effect….*Drumroll* This product gives the coverage of a foundation, contains a mild natural sunscreen and conceals all-in-one. Look no further than our very own mineral powder foundation! The formula was inspired by our founder’s love for Trish McEvoy’s mineral powder foundation, which she used for many years before creating the Trim & Prissy brand. Needless to say, she has not looked back as this is one of her favourite products.

Available in 7 shades to include fair caucasian skin all the way to deep dark skin!

The best way to apply is using a compact kabuki brush, starting with the area of your face that needs the most coverage. If you have dark spots on your chin, cheeks or forehead left from spots, start applying there.

  • Decant some powder into the lid of your mineral powder foundation and dip the kabuki brush into it, buffing onto your face in small circular motions
  • Reapply as needed but usually with one or two dips of this very smooth powder, you should be fully concealed!
  • Simply spread the remainder of the powder on your brush over the rest of your face to complete your makeup. The result is a very natural (no matter how many layers you put on) and dewy appearance

To get your mineral powder foundation shade, simply fill out the foundation form that pops up on our homepage. Tell us the shade in any brand you are using at the moment and you’ll get matched in a matter of minutes!

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