Step 1: thoroughly wash your face by using our face wash for a minute at least, this will 
ensure your pores are unclogged and oil free

Step 2: apply our moisturiser which tones, plumps up your skin and acts as a perfect primer
base for your makeup. It leaves no residue as the ingredients quickly get absorbed into your skin. 

Step 3: using your pointed face powder brush or kabuki brush, apply a generous amount of 
translucent powder (yes it can go on before and after foundation. This will lock in the moisture and
prevent oil seeping through your foundation during a sunny day

Step 4: choose from one of our coverage options. Be it mineral powder, flawless finish foundation 
or hi definition foundation. Apply using our foundation brush or blending foam sponge (free with 
your first foundation purchase). The flawless finish foundation
may be the best option as it applies matte. The rest are more dewy but with this technique you 
will end up matte either way!

Step 5: seal in your coverage again using the translucent powder all over. 

Step 6: spray on our setting spray 6 inches away from your face for the final lock down 

Step 7 (optional): once your setting spray dries (30 seconds) reapply the translucent powder to
set again

Tell me where this oil will seep out from please? You're good to go run around in the hot weather. 
Also knowing that the protective jojoba moisturiser you used as a base will prevent and help 
treat sunburn!

From one makeup lover to another,
The Trim and Prissy team