This is such a good topic. Do you ever see someone in a nice outfit but then there’s just something amiss? Or do you ever get all dressed up, and either your makeup artist or you just don’t quite pull the whole look together to be in sync?

That can be very frustrating indeed…. I am not talking about wearing a blue top and matching your eyes with a blue shadow by the way. That’s so basic and can sometimes even be tacky! What we are talking about here is better broken down into bullet points so you get the gist fully:

  • Makeup for a t-shirt day: once you put on a t-shirt with jeans or leggings, you’re almost feeling relaxed but rebellious (or maybe just I am.. lol). So for this look I would definitely pull out my liquid eyeliner and do a good old Amy Winehouse inspired flick, go nude and matte on the lips and chuck on a lot of mascara (maybe in a navy blue or cobalt blue shade). If your t-shirt has any other colours EXCEPT pink (you are not my little pony!) you could match your lips to them; maybe a bold red like ‘Betty boo’ or ‘Heartbeat’ liquid velvet. Our dark lipsticks can also come out to play; ‘Night moves’ lipstick, ‘Boudoir’ and ‘Anarchy’ liquid velvets. Safe bet for your blush to pull the look together is ‘Saffron’ shade.


  • Makeup for pastel outfits: the simple minded thing to do here would be ‘oh my dress is a gorgeous pastel blue, lemme wear a blue eye shadow…or my shirt is a baby pink, lemme wear a pink lippie’…NO, DON’T! I recommend going dark on the lips if you are in any pastel colours. Preferably a dark brown on the lips (see suggestions above). For the eyes, in a blue dress, go for a green eye shadow like ‘Picky’. Apply it on your eyelids and use the remaining product to smudge under your eyes around your lash line. This eye shadow method is such a good way of adding an ethereal vibe to your look. You don’t have to restrict your eye shadow only to your eyelids, take it under in small amounts. Now for that baby pink shirt, your eyes should be a little smoky *me thinks * Go for a nude eye shadow with some shimmer like ‘Moonbeam’ or ‘He Mr’ on your eyelids and then use ‘Savanna’ brown for the smoke effect (not a black eye shadow). Using this dark brown eye shadow instead of a black smoky eye allows you the freedom to rock this look to work or even for a lunch date! Safe bet for your blush to pull the look together is ‘Saffron’ shade.


  • Makeup for fabric that has a lot going on: if your outfit is full of gold sequins, colourful lace and tulle, and bold Ankara print you should NOT under any circumstance be trying to match all the colours of the rainbow to your eye shadow! I have seen people do this even for their traditional wedding. There is a name for that in makeup school, it is called fantasy makeup and it is not to be applied everyday or for auspicious occasions like your wedding day! My suggestion here is that you choose the most muted shade on your super colourful outfit. For example if there’s a splash of dark brown, nude or shimmer, that’s your pallet for your eyes right there! Go for a neutral but sparkly eye shadow look. Nicely blended out and defined using ‘Savanna’ and again the remainder of the shimmery and dark shades can go under your eyes for an ethereal vibe. Lips should be nude. You can jazz it up by using a lip liner like ‘Cabaret’ or ‘Raisin’ as a base before applying ‘Nude’ liquid velvet on top to give dimension. Safe bet for your blush to pull the look together is ‘Saffron’ shade.


Hope this helps with those tricky outfit situations, whether you are having your makeup done by a makeup artist or doing it yourself.


Lots of love,

The Trim & Prissy team