Us ladies and our reaction to spots, pigmentation and dull skin. Some of our most common reactions are:

Cover all pimples with layers of foundation and seal it in with powder or burst that pimple and burn it with a strong, ‘spot eradicator’. For sunburn, use a harsh skin lightener to erase the pigmentation.

And the list goes on….. and on…….

What about taking the high road, and doing the opposite, NOT be so aggressive and ‘listen’ to what your skin is telling you?

Before attempting to roast that pimple that surfaced overnight with a blowtorch, you should know that breakouts are caused by excess sebum (an oil naturally produced by your skin), which amalgamates into a dreaded eruption. Before peeling your skin off with a blade, sunburn is caused by using harsh acids/creams and not taking the appropriate steps to balance your skin moisture levels under sun exposure to UVB rays (the rays that burn).

The most effective, long-term treatment for these problems is to actually be gentler in terms of the choice of skincare products you are applying. I know, you think gentle doesn’t work because a skincare product must tingle and make your face red as a tomato to prove it is working instantly! But read on….

Botanical treatments for facials have proven to have more lasting results while chemical treatments are a quick fix, which will slowly dwindle away if you stop the treatment course.

Many acne sufferers end up doling out huge amounts of money on courses of treatment that promise to cure acne in 6 weeks or even up to 6 months. It is outright tiring and quite often doesn’t yield the desired results.

With our botanical skincare routine, the active ingredients are all plant based and highly potent. For example, salicylic acid is a chemical recommended for acne treatment; our ingredient, which matches the effects of it, is white willow bark extract which salicylic acid is derived from. This is contained in our chamomile face wash to calm things down and eradicate pimples effectively.

For sunburn, instead of using vitamin C serum, which is actually considered ineffective by dermatologists due to its effect of increasing skin sensitivity to the sun and lack of stability when penetrating the skin barrier, we have incorporated botanical oils (think of it as a dry oil) in our moisturiser. Oils such as jojoba oil, apricot oil, grape seed oil, amongst others will erase your sunburn and replace it with a youthful glow. Is that not your end goal? These oils are in pure form and once again alpha-hydroxy acids such as vitamin C are derived from it. The difference is that they are more stable to get deep into your skin and treat pigmentation gradually and efficiently.

Put down that cheese grater you were about to use to grate your acne away and know that in a nutshell, less is actually more when it comes to skincare problems. Which is why our range focuses only on 4 key steps to tackle all root causes. Think of it as the famous, Korean beauty regimen with fewer steps!

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Lots of love,

The Trim & Prissy team