The answer to our blog question is…Every penny you have! (not really, hehehe!)

No, on a serious note, this topic is quite interesting. After scouring the minds of some ladies who have no limit to spending on beauty products and those who keep a strict budget on beauty, here’s what we found. Do read on……..

”The price of beauty” how many people have heard that saying? Well rather than thinking of beauty in that way which has a rather cynical tone to it, we’d much rather think of it as quality vs quantity.

It’s better to own one or two high quality products than 10 products of poor quality, don’t you agree? Rather than buying a substandard lipstick by a popular, mass affordable brand in many shades for example (which you’d end up not getting much wear out of due to poor pigment and formula or whatever else) you should buy one great quality lipstick which saves you a lot in this recession as you will be using it for a very long time to come after you buy it. It won’t dry up on you one sunny day right before an event you’ve already planned your outfit around.

You want a top quality, high end brand but can’t afford it in stores. You end up buying ‘one of their products’ in the market or through a ‘trusted’ reseller. Honey, who are you kidding? In this our part of the world counterfeits have flooded the cosmetics market and you probably suspect in the back of your mind, thinking ‘how possible is it that ‘x’ brand is so cheap compared to the stores’.. but you go ahead and buy it anyway. Fast forward to noticing your face getting darker every time you use the foundation or your lips itching after using the ‘name brand’ lipstick. You have no one to blame but yourself. You made a conscious decision to buy a ‘name brand’ product that was at a random stall for less than half the price!

Dictate to your makeup artist what products suit your skin by having your own makeup bag at the ready or by clearly stating ‘I do not want this product on my face’. Sounds a bit stand-offish but if you are always switching up makeup artists you have to be sure about the quality of product going on your face, not to mention the hygiene of the makeup artist’s brushes.

Seen a product you want to buy and cannot fathom spending ‘x’ amount of money on it because you have fees to pay, material to buy for an upcoming event, fuel to buy for your car, food to buy for your household etc. The list of things to do with your money will always seem endless and when weighed against beauty products would probably make the latter seem absolutely frivolous. In comparison to buying a fake product or a poor quality product it is much safer to either save up towards buying a top quality product or split the cost of the product with your sister or close friend and share it (wipe it with alcoholic wipes each time if you MUST do this).

Just caring for your skin as we do here at Trim & Prissy.

Lots of love, The Trim & Prissy team!