1. Liquid eyeliner- practice makes perfect! Everyone you see using and enjoying liquid eyeliners intentionally learned to use it. Try applying it with the intention to master it and after a few shaky attempts you will at least learn how to draw a bold line smoothly on your eyelid. Then you can try to venture into creating a cat eye!
  2. Bright colours- eye shadow and blush! These can really upgrade your look. You can take baby steps by experimenting with just one shade of eye shadow on your lid. You can tone down the look by using a lip gloss or nude lipstick or liquid velvet.
  3. Find your perfect nude and stick to it- you don’t need a whole bunch of nude lipsticks. You just need one that does  the job (lasts all day and gives a smooth and even application). We recommend ‘Velvet crush’ lipstick and      ‘Aphrodija’ liquid velvet. You will not regret these.
  4. Invest in a primer- we cannot stress enough how important a step this is before applying a foundation or powder. You must try it! Your makeup will apply so easily as it will have a smooth surface to just glide over and stick onto. PLUS your make up lasts up to 24 hours. Yesss! Our foundations and powders are designed to be very long wearing (18 hours) so adding a primer to the step will add an additional 7-8 hours.
  5. Try to appear more ‘makeup free’ during the week – this does not in any way mean go totally makeup free! We all have those odd darker spots of pigmentation from ghastly spots so you are allowed to cheat a little bit. The perfect products for a ‘makeup free’ day are (1) Mineral powder foundation. Due to its very lightweight texture and powerful concealing properties. (2) BB cream. This anti ageing and pigmentation-battling tinted moisturiser will leave you with a very natural and dewy glowing skin with good coverage of spots! (3) Concealer. You don’t need to have product all over your face to look makeup free and flawless. You can get a cream concealer in your shade to cover only the pigmented spots on your face, under eye bags and just set with a translucent powder.
  6. Stop looking oily- some of us suffer from oil that manages to seep through even our matte or oil free foundation. Here’s a tip: It is actually a huge NO NO! in makeup education to apply powder under a liquid or cream product but we can excuse this for our velvety translucent powder. Applying this over your primer before your foundation will ensure that no matter how much oil your skin oozes (LOL!) under your oil free foundation or bb cream you will not be looking like a deep fried egg! Remember you can still apply it over your foundation too using a compact kabuki brush.
  7. Better skin prep and skincare- your makeup will only look as good as your skin does underneath no matter how many layers you apply. So make sure you 1. Cleanse 2. Tone and 3. Moisturise before priming and doing the rest of your makeup. Be careful not to use a greasy moisturiser though. Look for moisturisers that have hydrating properties or maybe dry oils as a base.
  8. Wash it off- after a long day your makeup will have absorbed a lot of free radicals and dirt from being outdoors! The best thing you can do is to wash it off before bedtime when you get home. For African skin you should find a vitamin E and C combination of face wash. These vitamins will mop up free radicals from your skin and prevent breakouts. Tone and moisturise before bed too because your skin regenerates itself over night.

The new year is upon us ladies! Be fabulous, confident and ready to smash your goals!


Lots of love,

The Trim & Prissy team!