Hi TP ladies,

New contour tips to cut out time spent on your contour life!

Things to have at the ready to attempt today’s makeup tip are:-  (1) A primer (2) Your foundation/mineral powder/bb cream (3) A lighter foundation, concealer, bb cream or mineral powder (lighter than your normal shade) (4) Your foundation brush and beauty blender!

Leggo! So to start off let’s attempt to explain what a reverse contour actually is! This tip is a major time saver in the whole contouring department of life. Yes we have a contour pallet for those who prefer the ‘good old’ contouring methods we have outlined for you. However, we want to make life easier for those in a rush who still want to be ‘beat for the gods’!

So essentially you’d apply your Trim & Prissy silicone primer first as always, to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, followed by your normal foundation, bb cream or mineral powder shade.

Then, this is the reverse contour part….Apply the lighter foundation/bb cream, concealer or powder shade to highlight under your eyes, centre of your nose, centre of your forehead, under your cheekbones and on your chin. Then quite easily just blend away to remove harsh lines using your dampened beauty blender. Our mineral powder foundation is highly recommended for those who prefer a powder contour using this method. It warms up on your skin to give a dewy, more natural finish than a regular powder.

The idea is that you now do not need to apply a darker shade of contour because you now have your normal foundation shade which you initially applied giving you the shadows you would normally get when you contour. So final product with the reverse contour is just as you would get with the additional steps of contouring, a more chiseled nose and chin, prominent cheekbones and a smaller forehead! For the adventurous you could also try reverse contouring your collarbones!

That’s all for now, friends till our next post!

Lots of love,

The Trim & Prissy team!


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