Who else is tired of the incessant cliché Halloween looks? Raise your hand with me! Fake blood, school girl, super heroes, angels and demons… Goshhh! This time be a little more creative with your costumes and makeup.

One of the ways you can stand out this Halloween is by opting for fantasy makeup! This way you can just wear a gorgeous gown and let the makeup be all the fun. Check out one of our favourite makeup artists, Vlada Haggerty’s lip art creations on instagram. God knows how many famous celebrities have gotten lawsuits from copying her work without giving credits! For more fantasy makeup ideas, look no further than the Giambattista Valli Paris fashion week runway makeup…sheesh! The looks were unbelievable yet seemed like you could rock them on a night out without drawing too many freak show side eyes… The floral work specifically used to adorn the models’ faces, almost like a mysterious but ethereal mask. Add this to a very muted canvas of foundation or mineral powder foundation and ‘barely there’ lipstick or lip gloss and you’re onto a winner!

Another head turning yet subtle Halloween look is Eku Edewor in her recent rendition of the famous Frida Khalo for example. I bet 90% of the look was from her makeup stash and the costume from her wardrobe. Effortless, yet glamorous while still paying homage to the late female figurehead.

To recreate her look, or get the fantasy makeup juices flowing, why not head to our eye shadow and liquid velvet section and grab the wildest colour you thought you’d never be caught dead in (no pun intended) and let your imagination roam free.

Happy Halloween ladies!