Hi everyone. Trying times with this Coronavirus, to say the least….We are not exactly on vacation yet we have more time on our hands; not quite unemployed but spending a lot of time indoors, trying to take each day as it comes despite bills still piling up.

You are not about to read another epistle on how you should be being more productive indoors, learning a new language, reading a hundred books, working out like an athlete or learning to cook some sort of gourmet cuisine. Everyone is allowed to be a little more lax and flexible with your routines seeing as there has been no official announcement made declaring a deadline to this ‘stay at home’ order.

Beauty is still important even if you have nowhere to go physically. You can use it as a way to while away time, some R and R, while trying to perfect some makeup skills that have perplexed you over time, for example your liquid eyeliner technique; brow grooming; contouring and highlighting….

In terms of skincare you have little reason not to be glowing at the end of this. There’s less sun to regress your efforts to treat hyperpigmentation, hence your skin is producing less oil (curbing pimples). Pile on your mineral mud masks while watching your current Netflix show, moisturise your hands with a rich jojoba moisturiser and if you have zoom, whatsapp or skype video calls and meetings, ensure you look presentable with your hair neatly self-coiffed. Makeup wise you would still want to feel confident and not downtrodden by this global crisis, so the least you could do is reach for a bb cream or mineral powder foundation. You could also opt for a hi-definition foundation to use as a concealer for your dark blemishes in place of the other products mentioned (which should take about 30 seconds).


Here’s a list of products for your time at home.

BB cream (New & Improved)

Hi – def foundation

Cream contour pallet

Brunette brow pencil

Ink jet eyeliner pen

Pen-tip liquid eyeliner

Curling & volume mascara

Eye shadow

Protective jojoba moisturiser

Mineral mud mask


Until next time, try to keep your spirit up, we are all in this together.

The Trim & Prissy team