Hello, Trim & Prissy ladies (can we call you TP ladies? Lol!). TP ladies, this is for you, in all the lovely skin shades you all are, dark to light.

Fun fact: The average woman consumes almost 3kg of lipstick in her lifetime! YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your lipstick addiction.

Disclaimer: The following tips may not reduce your excessive lipstick consumption but will definitely help you deicide on the perfect lipstick shades for your skin tone.

To get your perfect lipstick shade you may need dark lip liners (e.g Trim & Prissy ‘Raisin’) and neutral lip liners (e.g ‘Glacier pink’ and ‘Nutmeg’).

Not to make you overthink lipstick, but there are actually undertone factors in selecting the right lipstick shade. There are lipsticks with blue undertones in the mixture e,g ‘Heartbeat’ liquid velvet and lipsticks with more orangey undertones like ‘Betty-boo’ liquid velvet. Go have a look under our liquid velvet shades and see if you can tell the slight difference between these two shades. If a lipstick has a lot of blue undertones, it is usually more suited to a fair skin person with cool neutral undertones to their skin (‘N’ shade in foundation), whereas, if it has an orange undertone it will suit darker skin tones but also suit a fair skin person with a warm undertone to their skin (‘C’ shade in foundation).

Do bear in mind that we believe all the vibrant, bright, bold shades we have for your selection suit all skin tones. Colours like ‘Chopstix’ liquid velvet suit even the darkest of skin tones. It’s just a matter of lining your lips with a darker lip pencil like ‘Chestnut’ or ‘Raisin’ and then applying the lipstick within the frame you created and smudging your lips together. This will darken the lipstick on the outer part of your lips to make it closer to your skin shade.

Now with nude lipsticks, generally you are better off going for a nude that is not more than 3 shades lighter (if you are dark in complexion) or 3 shades darker (if you are fair in complexion) than your skin tone. That is the safe zone to stay in to avoid the chalky lip look that sometimes happens with dark skin tones when choosing a nude shade. For fair skin tones the aim is to avoid looking super pale and washed out. Trim & Prissy nude lipsticks stay in this safe zone for all skin tones by having a slight rose tinge to each shade. The Ultimate nude liquid lipstick is the ‘Aphrodija’ liquid velvet for all skin tones!

With our dark shades of lipstick like ‘Anarchy’ liquid velvet and ‘Night moves’ lipstick, there seems to be a misconception that if you are dark skinned you will look like a demon or a witch (verbatim lol!). The only advice here is that you choose dark eyes or dark lips, NEVER both! We have had photo shoots with dark girls and light girls and both the dark lipsticks mentioned above suited both skin tones. The trick is to use a lighter eye shadow like ‘Latte’, ‘Hey. Mr.’, ‘Gold rush’, ‘Transition’, ‘Perfection’, or ‘Moon beam’ , on your eyes to detract from the ‘Gothy-ness’ of your lips. Shop these eye shadows with the link at the end of the post.

Hope you are not utterly confused after this. It was just to give you a deeper insight into lipstick shopping! Shop our nudes and bold colours with the links below:



Lip pencil

Eye shadow

Happy shopping ladies, till next time!

The Trim & Prissy team xoxoxo