Hi ladies, long time no chat. Since our last post we have been working on new products, which we just launched! Look out for some exciting reviews about them.

Our ‘Instant sexy’ pearlised bronzer is one of our new launches this year. In case you have never used a bronzer before or just need some extra tips on how to apply it, here are some helpful tips…..

So first of all it is important to mention that bronzers are used across all skin tones from fair to dark. So no need to worry about your skin shade with this product, it is just applied slightly differently for various purposes. Another thing worth noting is that bronzer is not really about adding colour to your skin. It is sheer with a slight tinge/tint of colour, hence would not give you coverage when applied all over your face.

For light to medium skin tones bronzer is applied to give a bit of warmth to the face, quite similar to contouring but less intense. You need our pointed face brush which you’d swirl the sides of (not the tip as you’d get too much product on the brush) into the compact and just sweep it across your forehead from the temples and into the hairline. You also use the same technique on your cheekbones and jawline. You could also very lightly contour your nose with it!

For darker skin tones bronzer can be used in the exact same way but will not show up as a contour, it would just give you an added sexy glow to your face, hence the name, ‘Instant sexy’. Because of the pearl shimmer effect, you will glisten under the sun. Quite easily put, bronzer for darker skin tones is like a very toned down, super mild highlighter (for those who are not a fan of the outer space highlighter glow!)


Did we mention you actually get a free brush with your bronzer purchase?! Hit the link below to shop and thank us later!

”Instant sexy” pearlised bronzer

The Trim & Prissy team,