Hi ladies,

What a whirlwind 2018 has been right?! It’s now that time of the year to reflect on important things that may have gone unnoticed like your makeup routine!

2019 is the year of wearing MORE makeup! Yes, like everyday! There’s always an excuse not to wear makeup like ‘I am only going to work’, ‘I’m having a no makeup day’, or the classic ‘Just want my skin to breathe’. Well…. out with those tired excuses and start pilling that makeup on.

Yes, I really said pile it on. As long as it is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (doesn’t block your pores) like our products, then why the heck not!

Having a ‘makeup free day’? Then stock up on bb cream that acts as part skincare while giving you enough coverage for a school run or office day. Better still a matte finish cream concealer of your shade to simply hide dark spots. You want your skin to ‘breathe’? That means you need a facial (you should have one facial a month FYI especially from age 30 and above). After your facial I know they usually say no makeup but you can get away with a mineral powder foundation because it’s super light and velvety unlike usual compact powders. This will allow the fresh air to glide in and out of those awakened skin cells! Team your base of choice with a nude lippie like ‘Nude’ liquid velvet, ‘Plum down’, ‘Gorgeous’ or ‘Velvet crush’ lipstick. This will give a ‘pseudo-nateurelle’ look which you can pretend to have no makeup on.

Put on a power red lipstick for your day at your office or after work dinners etc. In fact just have one in your purse at all times! Try ‘Betty boo’, or ‘Heartbeat’ (liquid velvets) or ‘Marylin’, ‘Urbanista’ or ‘Vino noir’ lipstick.

The key to that perfect red lippie lies in the application. So give your lips a good scrub with some granulated sugar and honey, then wipe off with a wet, warm flannel. Apply using our lip brush, which is one end of the ‘multi-task’ brush. This will make sure you get the perfect cupid bow shape for your lip frame!

So there you have it. Whether you are pregnant, lonely, busy, or all of the above, makeup is your best friend. You’ll automatically feel 100 times better about yourself.

Happy holidays, and a very happy new year in advance!

Wishing you love and success,

The Trim & Prissy team!