We are so excited with our new arrival this week we have decided to dedicate this post to eyebrows! Everything from best shaping techniques, taming and filling-in of brows inclusive!


Eyebrow care should always be a part of your daily makeup routine though grooming them is one of the more challenging beauty regimens for most women.  It’s no wonder that so many women outsource this responsibility to a professional, in the form of waxing or threading (the best hair removal technique according to us). Hence, Trim & Prissy gives you two options for this routine (1) In the form of our ‘’Brunette’’ brow pencil and now (2) Our MUST HAVE ‘’Brow wow’’ Brow pallet!Brows on fleek


The perfect brow is in the arch, the fullness, and the finish. Learn how to use these two delightful products together to get your dream eyebrows in the following steps:

Start by tweezing any stray eyebrow hairs and then smoothing with the grooming brush on your brow pencil. Brush upwards and away from the end of your brow closest to your nose and brush outwards.

  1. Use the third well of your brow pallet, containing wax/pomade to bulk up your brow hairs and keep them firmly in place
  2. Follow up with the brow shadow in your pallet, using the angled applicator provided. Stroke upwards and away on your brow, filling in ONLY the gaps lacking hair. This ensures a natural look and stops your brows looking drawn.
  3. If you like EXTRA dark brows you can now go in with the brunette pencil and start to go over the filled in gaps to give you an even more refined shape.
  4. Finally, use the highlighter in the pallet to line your brow arch. This automatically lifts your brow and further enhances the shape.

The combination of velvety soft, easy to blend brow shadow and pomade will give you truly perfect eyebrows that are gentle in texture, yet well shaped. Remember though, ladies a fuller brow frames your eyes best!

The deeper shade of brow shadow in your Trim & Prissy brow pallet will draw attention to the brow arch and the highlighter will ensure your gorgeous brows don’t go unnoticed!

If you want to keep a natural face (like our last post, using only BB cream) for the day without looking too unkempt, add prepping your brows before you leave the house and you’re ready to go!

SHOP our ”Brow wow” pallet and ”Brunette” eye pencil in the following links.

“Brow-wow” brow pallet

Brunette brow pencil