What is a BB cream? How is it different to a liquid foundation? When would I use a BB cream?

Hi ladies! I’m answering all the above questions today including a little bit of history on the discovery of BB cream.BB CREAM

BB is actually an abbreviation for ‘Beauty Balm’ or some prefer ‘Blemish Balm’. Discovered in Germany, by a dermatologist in the 60’s to protect skin after laser treatments, BB creams quickly became a phenomenon in Japan and South Korea in the late 80’s in a bid to shorten their long skin care regimens.

BB cream is different to foundation because it acts more like a tinted moisturizer (with heavy coverage) for skin that does not need anti-acne treatment. Trim & Prissy BB cream contains anti-aging, skin care ingredients, which hydrate and protect while giving sheer, radiant coverage! See the ”Before and after” photo in this post.

What’s more, Trim & Prissy is aware of the lack of diversity when it comes to finding a BB cream for darker skin tones. That’s why we have you covered ladies! Buy a ‘Medium’ BB cream if you are towards the lighter shade of dark skin or opt for ‘Dark’ if you are towards the darker end of the dark skin shade spectrum. PS: We are broadening our selection to include ‘Light’ in the upcoming months.

You will instantly fall in love with your BB cream (suitable for all skin types, dry to oily) when you find yourself in these situations:

1) You are rushing off to work or happen to be late for a date, with no time to blend your foundation properly but still want to look ‘presentable’. Simply apply your Trim & Prissy BB cream using your fingers or a blending sponge (for a natural finish) on a clean face after your SPF. You can build on the coverage by using a mineral powder on top!

2) You’ve run out of your Trim & Prissy ‘Camera ready’ primer, but need a great base for your foundation application. You can mix it in with your foundation for a little extra dewy glow to give your face instant radiance!

3) You’re just not a ‘foundation person’, rather ‘makeup shy’….BUY THIS!

This skincare and makeup product all in one is available for purchase RIGHT HERE in our online store when you click the following link:

BB cream (New & Improved)