Hi ladies! To kick start the holiday season , we are letting you in on a secret we have been keeping from you. **Drumroll**…..WAIT FOR IT !……

We have been working on Trim & Prissy’s very own MATTE liquid lipsticks! This liquid lipstick trend has been going on for about 2 years now. We are NOT late on this. During the time it has been out we have been researching flaws in the liquid lipsticks of some popular brands to ensure that we get you the highest quality version of this trend!

NOW you know what to get your diva friend or sister as a gift, right!

We are confident in saying that you no longer need to get your high end liquid lipsticks (or makeup products) all the way from America and Europe like you all have been doing in this tough economy! It’s right here, in Nigeria for the taking (NATIONWIDE DELIVERY) **wink**

Some liquid lipsticks are too drying on the lips or just do not do not have a completely MATTE finish.

Our Liquid Velvet lipsticks are exactly what the name suggests:

  1. Creamy
  2. Very lightweight (So feel free to go crazy with your multiple coats that you probably don’t need lol!)
  3. Highly pigmented

And in TRUE Trim & Prissy fashion as with all our products, it is VERY LONG LASTING (we are talking at least 12 hours!, probably more depending on your activity during the day) and absolutely HYPOALLERGENIC! Trim & Prissy liquid velvets dry completely MATTE and do not feather (that annoying thing where your lipstick doesn’t stay in your lip line/frame). The applicator on our liquid velvets is easy to use and ensures a smooth and even application!

What’s amazing about this new release is that our lip liners match every Liquid velvet shade to be available! Yaaaas!! This means you can create your own ‘’Lip kit’’ yaaaay!

We really cannot wait till these are up for sale. Our prices will be very competitive against popular high end brands and your Liquid Velvets will definitely remain in your purse for a lifetime!

At the end of this post are some of the shades that will be available. Let us know what your favourite shade is in the comment section below!

Tada for now,

Lots of love from the Trim & Prissy team!