Happy new month readers! You must have all heard and seen Mavins songstress DI’JA looking exceptionally gorgeous for our Liquid velvet launch campaign.

Aphrodija was chosen as the face of our new product line not only because she is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! But also because she very nicely embodies ‘’The Trim & Prissy woman’’.

A lot of people don’t know that she’s been singing for years, in Canada before she was signed to her record label. Since then she’s had hit after hit and now plans to expand her budding DIJANATION empire!

She’s very artsy, paints a lot and now teamed up with us over here at Trim & Prissy to express her artistic side through a capsule shade of liquid velvet ‘’Aphrodija’’. Her moto as she delves deeper into the world of beauty is ‘’BE YOUR OWN BEAUTIFUL’’. That’s a loaded statement to say the least! In layman terms it’s just a way of saying own your image, don’t let the world dictate what beauty is. In other words everyone is beautiful in their own way!

Her motto precisely highlights the very ethos behind our brand! Celebrating women of every skin shade as well as providing a top class product range to ensure that you remain beautiful even after the makeup comes off.

She has great skin up close, so we couldn’t help but ask her what her secret is. Her response was very unexpected of someone who has every beauty product at her disposal being such a huge star. She uses ice-cold water every morning to wash her face and swears that this keeps pimples at bay! Plain and simple!

So here is what we did with her look!

For the shoot we still wanted her to look like herself and feel comfortable doing it so we opted for a very clean base using these steps:

  • Primed her skin using our silicone base primer
  • Her eyeshadow shades were ”moon beam” on her eye lids and ”savannah” on the outer corners, after which her eyes were lined using our pen tip liquid eye liner. Lastly for the eyes our waterproof mascara was applied to her long lashes. Her brows were already naturally arched so we used our ”Brow-wow” Pallet to fill in tiny gaps and empasised the arch by making stray hairs stay put using the Brow pomade.
  • Our HD foundation was used in 2 shades (she was an ‘’in-betweener’’) C6 and C57
  • Contoured her cheek bones and nose slightly using our cream contour pallet to enhance her already chiseled face. We were careful at this stage to not make her look too bony!
  • Highlighted points of her face using our Mineral icing sugar highlighter. This was applied on her nose bridge and tip, above her cupid’s bow and on her chin. We used the shade ‘’Layer cake’’ which is a light gold shade that matches every skin tone.
  • Primed her lips with our silicone primer (yes you can prime eyes, lips and face with it) and the went in with her favourite shades of liquid velvets for a different pop of colour for each shot (Anarchy, Betty-boo, and ‘’Aphrodija’’). Go to our gallery to see more pictures.

Her Liquid velvet is going to be available for purchase in the next few days but still available for PREORDER with the link below.


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Lots of love,

The Trim & Prissy team! xoxox