Using Milk of Magnesia as a primer before applying makeup has been a beauty hack for many years and is common-place, even among world renowned makeup artists. This is because it is great for oily skin as it prevents excess grease, it’s very affordable and controls shine….BUT! Do you know what it is? Or even what it DOES to your skin with prolonged use?

Milk of Magnesia is a laxative and antacid. An antacid brings down the acidity of your stomach and will do just that when applied to your skin. Your skin needs to be slightly acidic to rid itself of bacteria naturally. So by prolonged use of Milk of Magnesia you are potentially leaving your skin unprotected and prone to bacteria as well as making it extremely dry and irritated (which could lead to dermatitis). There have even been some cases of irreversible skin damage!

Not trying to scare you…or maybe a little! But this beauty hack definitely needs to be replaced by a REAL primer that does the same thing! Essentially a good primer should create a layer between your clean skin and the foundation you are to apply to ensure that it doesn’t sink into the skin when the temperature rises in the sun or under hot white lights when shooting.

Trim & Prissy hi definition, silicone based primer is the preferred choice of primer on the market because it forms a layer between your skin and makeup almost like a very thin film of wax. When this dries (30 seconds drying time) it will allow your foundation to stick to it and stay put all day, therefore leaving you looking flawless even after a long day of activity! Try it today with the link below and thank us later.

Please comment below about your experience with milk of magnesia. We would love to hear from you!

Lots of love the Trim & Prissy team!